Using Zero Paints 1st time

Hi I am now moving to try and paint with Zero Paints for my Sports cars and Le Mans racers, I need some advise on how easy they are to use with a basic airbrush, pitfalls, as well as cleaning the brush/ use of thinners and the like, any advice will be strongky welcomed, thanks
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If you’ve used lacquer paints before, its all the same. This is what I do. (“Your mileage may vary”, as they say)

You’ll need to prime the object to be painted with a lacquer-based primer. I use Tamiya primer straight from the can. Zero piants do not need to be thinned. My airbrush pressure is set to somewhere between 10-15 PSI. Spray on thin coats every 5-10 minutes. The paints go one flat, so you will need to clearcoat. I wait a week before clearcoating.

After spraying, I run Zero Paints airbrush cleaner through my airbrush, then I remove the nozzle and needle and clean all the parts touched by paint with lacquer thinner. (Do not let the internal o-rings in the brush sit in lacquer thinner.) Then I put all the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with distilled water and run than for 15 minutes. Reassemble the airbrush, dry it off, and spray any water left inside out of it.


I agree with everything @VintageRPM said and add that these are pretty potent paints so you need good ventilation.

I arge with that, but i use Tamiyas wet abrasives paper in # 1500 and #2000 . First before Primer, after dry Primer and after the first layer of Clear Coat. Then the decals and Clear Coat. Then #4000 Paper and Polish.