USMC Armored Recon Vehicle (ARV) Armor is Made by Who?

I recall that someone posted information about the USMC’s upcoming ARV’s add-on armor was made by a British company that also made lightweight HMMWV gunner’s protection kits.

I did a search of the forums and I can’t find that reply post.

The armor had an acronym name but I can’t seem to find it online.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! :grinning:


Hi Peter,

Could it be “Manroy Engineering”? They made the softmount for the .50 cal. used on Danish vehicles.



Thanks, Thomas, but Manroy Engineering merged with FN Herstal so that is not the one.

The armor is similar to MEXAS armor, but MEXAS is for the M1117 ASV. I just can’t find that reply on Armorama. I should have bookmarked it when I saw the company website.

Does this help?

Thanks, Thomas, but the new upcoming USMC ARV doesn’t use MEXAS but another form of lightweight composite armor that is better than MEXAS.

The Armorama poster linked to the company website and I went there and it seemed legit. I think it was based in the UK. The USMC won’t confirm anything since the ARV is still in the testing prototype stages. I might have to ask the ARV manufactures.

It’s made by the same folks who make everything else for the Department of Defense… “the lowest bidder” :wink:

Very reassuring when you think about your body armor and parachute…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Not necessarily. The advancements in vehicle armor are such that one can have thinner add-on armor for better protection than the heftier bulk.

This is true with bulletproof windows. The new laminate now is such that the bulletproof window is thinner for better protection than the older generations. You can see some of this at banks, ticket booths, riot shields, government buildings, cockpit glass, and car armoring.

Add-on composite armor can repel kinetic, blast, RPG, IED, and a whole host of threats. It’s a compromise compared to steel armor.

Bingo! Found it!

Or at least that is what the Armorama poster posted.

“Morgan” was close…it’s “Morgan Advanced Materials” for the USMC ACVs. I don’t know about the ARVs.

Thank you for all of your help and the replies! :grinning: