USMC LAV-25 Information

That is the older style mount, but I don’t think that it is from ODS. I don’t believe M240Ds were in use yet, esp. in the USMC, during ODS. I know the US Army didn’t start fielding them until the late '90s. I still had an M60 MG on my M981 FIST-V as a LT in the '95-'97 timeframe. Shortly after that, we got M240s.

Here’s the caption from the U.S. National Archives website : " A view of the artwork on the turret of an LAV-25 light armored vehicle from Company C, 2nd Light Armored Infantry Battalion, following Operation Desert Storm." The picture has been taken in Kuwait on January 03, 1991.


Maybe they did have them earlier than we did.

Okay, you completely confused me with your initial query by talking about the SLEP and asking about what you’d need for those features. If you’re wanting to do an initial -25 you’re talking the smooth barrel for the 25mm, commander’s MG most likely not a Platt mount (and not a 240G). Your best bet is still the pictures on Prime Portal depending on how in depth you want to get in improving the kit. I’m not going to be much help on that, it was before my time (I was still in the Army when the Marines fielded the LAV).

oh, ok ok, you are right, sorry, i try to explain, I have two lav available, one completed and it is an older Italeri, for this i would like to achive an early LAV, my hope was that it was painted in forest green, the second kit in my stash is the Trumpeter “USMC LAV-25” setting in Desert Storm, and by this one i would like to achive a SLEP version with large wheels, once again sorry for the confusion

Okay, I gotcha now. You were talking about two projects. I can definitely help you with the later -25. That’s the one you need all the mods I was talking about, and can be any color you want as long as it’s NATOflage or sand. Any questions on this version, ask away it was home for 6 months and I’ve built all the US variants of the LAV Trumpeter has put out.

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Here is the intended replacement for the LAV-25, the Textron Cottonmouth.

Personally, I don’t know about the Cottonmouth. It is 6x6 intended to replace a 8x8 and even in the recon mode, it loses the firepower of the 25mm cannon in favor of the CROWS II RWS with .50cal and Javelin ATGM coaxial. To reload, the crew has to get out of the Cottonmouth and reload manually, exposed, not under armor as inside a turret. Now with new RWS turrets in the 30mm and 40mm cannon versions, perhaps the USMC can find a LAV-25 replacement with more firepower.

Anyone have internal/external pics and info for LAV-AT in DS?

Specifically from ODS ? I have some shots I took at The APG open house in 1993 or so.

@Seanmcandrews, that would be great!



@Seanmcandrews Thank you so much! Would you happen to have any more outside pics?

That’s all I have. Is your intention to add detail to a kit ? The turret is identical to the M901 ITV, other LAV walkarounds can help with general hull details.

Yeah, I was thinking just that. Thanks again @Seanmcandrews.

From LinkedIn, PEO Land Systems.