Usmc m48a3 (tamiya 1/35)

Hey folks. Sharing with you a relatively quick and painless WIP - Tamiya M48A3 Patton. USMC, Vietnam. Built this kit for an ongoing GB in another group. The kit was finished OOB except for the mantlet cover and searchlight cover which were added using two part putty. Tracks aren’t the best but the AFV Club tracks is kinda hard to come by these days. Basecoat was Tamiya XF27 Black Green. Pigments were Vallejo Natural Sienna and Burnt Sienna. Also used oil paints to discolor the paint.

Also, if you want to fix the errors of the kit, Paul Budzik’s article on it is an excellent resource: Building the Tamiya M48| Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling

Thanks for looking!


Looks the part of a M48A3. Good job! :+1:

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Thanks Ryan! :slight_smile:

Despite it’s age and other problems it still builds up nicely. Well painted and weathered. :+1: :+1:

I got this one in my stash too.
Any particular pitfalls or areas to watch out for?

For what it is, it came out pretty nicley. Good job on the paint and finish.

Lots, where to begin…

IMO, the Dragon M48A3 kits are much better.

Ehhh ok… thanks!

That came out really nice .

Great building report! And you did an awful lot of work, beautiful. :+1: :+1:
I think it would be interesting to place your model next to a OOB model to see how much one would notice the differences.

Thanks @Armorsmith, @Yeahwiggie, @HeavyArty, @Chris_Bryan and @bwilt :slight_smile:

@Yeahwiggie - same recommendation with Heavyarty. If you wanna see what needs to be fixed in the Tamiya kit, here’s Paul Budzik’s excellent article:
Building the Tamiya M48| Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling

The Dragon kits of the M48 ain’t perfect, but they’re much nicer :slight_smile:

@bwilt - I really didn’t do a lot of changes on the kit aside from the addition of the Canvas on the mantlet and the cast texture I applied on the hull and turret :slight_smile: Paul’s article is much more thorough but I wanted to keep this kit mostly OOB for a relaxing build hehe.