USMC M60A1 ODS question

I saw this Japanese magazine on ODS on an auction site. The caption said this is a USMC M60A1 waiting for its turn for shooting training session. Yet, it didn’t when and where the photo was taken. Since it was a magazine on ODS and the uniforms the crews wore seem to fit, could a non-RISE USMC M60A1 be deployed in ODS?

Thanks in advance for your insight.

That is an M60A1 RISE tank. RISE is the acronym for Reliability Improved Selected Equipment, which was improvements in the engine and transmission, and the addition of armored top-loading air cleaners, smoke grenade launchers, smoke grenade storage boxes, and steel road wheels.

I believe what you are thinking of is the Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) panels that were added to make them more survivable in combat. These panels were added to M60A1 RISE / Passive (IR system) tanks in Saudi Arabia by contractors and then they were painted sand. This tank is probably before the ERA was installed.

USMC M60A1 RISE / Passive w/ERA


Thank you, you are correct I was thinking about ERA. I should have been more clear. My bad.

With that said, were there any USMC M60A1 deployed in ODS without ERA?

Again thank you for the insight.

Not in combat. All that crossed LD had ERA applied. Most that deployed there did not have ERA yet. I believe some came from stateside w/the ERA already, or at least dummy ERA tiles but with all the mounting hardware already. The rest had the ERA mounting hardware and live ERA tiles applied in Saudi before combat kicked off.

I am actually building the Takom USMC M60A1 RISE / Passive w/ERA and M9 Dozer Blade kit now.

Correct, some deployed without ERA but had it added later before LD. However most had dummy tiles.


Thank you!! It helped a lot.

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