This it the Takom kit. I finished this kit in 2019 just before IPMS Nationals in TN. Wasn’t going to take it but my friend who also took these photos urged me to so I did. Well wouldn’t you know it took 1st place in the NATO category. This was also my first IPMS Nationals show. Took it to ArmorCon later in September and it was awarded best USMC armor.

The kit is AB with custom mixed Tamiya. The camo was applied freehand and the crows feet done with a brush.


Another great looking M60. Good job.

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Excellent looking M60!

Sweet stowage!

Looks marvelous!

Very nice build! A well deserved award!

absolutely fabulous work you’ve done there, well done indeed

My first thought upon seeing this was “Wow”
Truly outstanding work. I love the subtle weathering.