USN ABSD-5, BB Montana, CA Atlanta, DE Cannon 'Inspirations' by Kelve Chan | Model Shipwrights

So as we start our week long inspirations for a week of infamy we take a look at some of the fantastic builds, dioramas from all parts of the sea from all ages in time historic. Adie Roberts him self will be building a MTB which he hopes to get built in enough time to create a diorama and keeping you informed all the way through the build

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at

So this is the first of many inspirations this week in Model Shipwrights I am hoping to be available in discord for chatting about the ships and dioramas hopefully I will be able to open a new forum chat for all of the inspirations
Please feel free to message at anytime I will keep coming back to see if I can help anyone, I will also be putting up my own build as it starts to take shape.
All the best for the time being
Adie Roberts

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Very nice build with loads of detail although a fictitious display.
Apart from the fictional nature of the diorama I do have a minor nit pick, USS Atlanta was a light cruiser so CL not CA.

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Hi Littorio I have changed the CA to CL, thank you for letting me know

I know its fictitious, but I question including a cruiser sunk in 1942 with a battleship that wouldn’t be launched until 1946/7 if the war were to go on -if ever.

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The amount of detail at this scale is extraordinary. There are crews on decks on the photos from the full article and they give a good sense of scale for this diorama. Very good work!

Hi Jeffw,
I over look the fact there are a few discrepancies but I went with the build as it was sensational in both detail and finish, I have been friends with Kelve for some time now and I have been lucky to see his style and more importantly his dioramas come on leaps and bounds
but thank you Jeffw
Stay safe
all the very best

Hi moradin99
First off thank you for taking the time to reply as I see it is your first reply in this community it is what makes the whole site work when people reply. I also agree with you entirely this is such an amazing diorama.
Stay safe
All the very best

Hi again Jeffw
I have just realised that this is your first post in this community too, I would like to thank you on behalf of all us editors, it really helps the site to have that community spirit and keep the site flowing
Stay Safe
All the best