USS Indianapolis and accessories

Looking to sell some 1/350 ships items

1/350 Academy USS Indianapolis: $58

Black cat models
1/350 40MM BOFORS GUN ON MK.3 SINGLE MOUNT (X4) (AC3500004A) $9
1/350 40MM BOFORS QUAD GUN MK.2 MOD.1 (X4) (AC350006A) $12
1/350 20MM OERLIKON MK.24 TWIN GUN (X10) (AC3500003A) $7

Infini Models
1/350 Infini Model 20mm Oerlikon Cannon Mk IV Mount Set B (USN Chamfered Gun Shield) (IMP 35013R1) $18

$104, take it all for $90. Shipping extra from Texas. Willing to trade the infini models Oerlikons straight up for the Set A ones with the rectangular shields