USS Nathan Hale - 1/350 Lafayette-class SSBN

Beautiful work :cowboy_hat_face:

Congrats on your first commissioning with the airbrush as part of your tool kit. Looks great! :+1:

It does look really good. Very nice work and the finish is just right … good choice :+1:

Great job!! I’m sure it will bring back many memories for your dad.

“I wouldn’t take a million dollars for the memories, but I wouldn’t give you a nickel to do it over again.”

She’s lovely. Kudos sir!

Outstanding work. I really like how the finish came out!


Great looking sub. Really well done.


Gave this to dad yesterday. He loved it even more than I expected. It now has the special spot on the mantel.

Thanks again to everyone for the help.


Well done ! I’m glad your Dad likes it - as well he should . Thanks to your Grandfather for his service .


She’s gorgeous. You did an amazing job on her!!

She’s a beautiful display piece to be sure!

I think after all the Q’s and answers about the type of finish to give her, you have picked the perfect one. It looks like its fresh out of dry dock after a new coat of paint and ready to set sail. Looks terrific.

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