USS North Carolina BB55 colors

First post,
Looking for the colors of blue used on the ship now and there location on the ship

I believe USS North Carolina is currently painted in Measure 32/18d

This means her hull and superstructure will be:

Light Gray 5-L.
Ocean Gray 5-O.

Her horizontal surfaces should be:

Deck Blue, 20-B.
Ocean Gray 5-O.

Just remember currently her decks are not painted and are aged teak.

As to her pattern. You will need to look at current pics online to get it exact, though I did find this image online which seems pretty close to the photos I took when I visited her.

Speaking of the current deck, here is a photo of it for reference.

Concur with McRunty on the colors. The pattern changed over time. I found David Doyle’s Squadron at Sea book on the North Carolina to be the best reference for the pattern, using the photos in the book. The color profile is, IMO, the most correct out there. Randy Shoker’s NC book is also a useful reference.