USS Pueblo AGER-2

The USS Pueblo was a signal intelligence gathering ship converted from a Camano class Army Coastal Freighter build during WWII. She was attacked and seized by the North Koreans during her first deployment in January 1968 while in international waters. One sailor was killed and several were wounded and help captive by the North Koreans until late December 1968. The ship is still held by the North Koreans and is on display as a propaganda tool.
The build started with the hull of the old Frog/Novo Shell Welder Coastal Tanker. This was cut down to a scale 177’ length in 1/144 scale and the bulwarks were modified to resemble the Camano class lines. Pretty much everything else is scratchbuilt, except for 3d printed life rings, gas cylinders, and pelorusus. Rail stanchions are from Seeman and the ladders and inclined ladders are from Gold Medal Models.


Excellent job! The rigging, the railings, everything looks very well done.

Side note: Pueblo remains the second oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy.
Extra side note: The 613 Flasher, a fast attack submarine, was the first US vessel on site during the incident. They had a WARNO to prepare to send a nuclear torpedo into Wonsan Harbor. I’ve yet to find that in any historical accounts, but know it to be true.



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David, this is a fabulous conversion! I can just discern the form of the old Shell Welder kit under all your work, but it is now all USS Pueblo. Fantastic!

Looks great.


Thanks everyone for the comments. Another one of those “it’s done and I don’t think that I’ll do that again” projects!


Interesting. Dad was in the Navy then, stationed in Hawaii. He was in communications, and possibly signals intelligence. One night he came home white as a ghost, Mom asked him what happened and he told her he couldn’t say, but she’d hear about it. Next day news of the Pueblo capture came out.

Years later I found out he’d worked with and was friends with some of the crew. He also said in one her missions they’d been even closer to the North Korean coast. As for what scared him so badly; he took that to his grave in ‘89.

Very interesting, and welcome to the community! Where did you live back then? After we moved into Pearl City I lived in the Navy housing there.

We lived in apartments on Mango Street in Wahiawa. I was in diapers at the time. I just heard about this through the years.