USS Sulivans - Crews Work to Save WWII Navy Ship Taking on Water


Hull breach left USS The Sullivans listing into waters by naval museum on shore of Lake Erie. Crews in Buffalo, N.Y., are working to keep the decommissioned World War II-era destroyer USS The Sullivans from sinking after its hull was breached on Wednesday.

Crews working around the clock to save USS The Sullivans

I hope they can save her…


The Buffalo News - Holes in hull have tormented USS The Sullivans for years

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Are these the dire consequences the Russians threatened in retaliation for the sinking of the Moskva and continuing to send weapons to Ukraine? Asking for a friend.


WGRZ - Coast Guard Update on USS Sullivans

Patched ~13 holes…

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Update 3 - Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park

Update from April 24 w/Shane Stephenson Director & Curator of park.

Test pumping with five 3 inch hoses.

List has been reduced from ~30 degress to ~15 degrees.

~21,000 gallons pumped out

13 holes plugged

BTW - I believe the pump crew & experts that worked on 100+ year old WW1 battleship USS Texas are involved in rescue effort.

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Nice update and good effort by all those taking part in the rescue. Every effort should be made to save her.

Whats the ship next to her ? I take it that its berthed at a Mil museum or similar ?

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Hi John, the other ship is the USS Little Rock

The stealthy USS Croaker a Gato class WW2 submarine is also at the museum apparently just out of sight in the videos.

USS Sullivans before flooding incident at museum.

The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

Definitely an excellent collection of interesting ships!



50+ holes patched in hull, 95% of water out of ship - temporarily repaired


Nicely done … good save :+1: