USS Texas refurbishment

As some of you may know, USS Texas was finally towed to her drydock in Galvaston, TX for her $35m refurbishment.

Absolutely fantastic pictures are out there of the tow but we are also getting some great shots of her lower hull as she sits in dock

I will keep adding pictures as I come across them as they make for great reference pics.


Looks like a scene from WWII. Great photos!

Any idea if it can be seen readily in dry dock? When I visited Houston I missed the opportunity to see her near the San Jacinto memorial. Now that I live her she is in dry dock :frowning: hope they keep her in the Houston area when she is refit

Definitely gonna pick up the trumpeter kit at sole point

Wow… 35m… That’s a lot of dosh… More than some real navies get probably… probably many years in the dry dock now ?
Speaking of which, that drydock image is super impressive…

Lovely to see an old ship like this getting refurbished.
Along with a few other US Ships, USS Texas was anchored off Bangor in County Down in an area now known as ‘Eisenhower Pier’ at a time prior to D-Day. General Eisenhower visited the ships there and made several speeches on 18th and 19th May 1944. Here he is on the USS Texas on 19th May.


I’m really happy they decided to refurb her. She is the only surviving battleship that fought in both world wars.

They seriously considered salvaging her. They kept patching holes in her for years but a year ago she sprung a large leak and started to list

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Been following this wonderful news on the facebooks…

Absolutely brilliant to see Texas getting some TLC.

She is a unique treasure, along the lines of Mikasa, Victory, Constellation etc and must be preserved at all costs… $35m is coin well spent :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed!! Have you happened to stumble upon where she will head when fixed up? Hope she stays in the area so I can go see her

@Mead93 no idea, but you can follow the updates on her official webpage here.

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Thank you kindly! I’ll be sure to keep updated.

I’ve heard two possible rumors. One is that she will be kept in Galveston. And the other is that she will head down to Corpus Christi to join the USS Lexington aircraft carrier

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The cruiser USS Olympia is also badly in need of docking and refurbishment. A few years ago the city of Philadelphia proposed towing her our to sea and sinking her as a cost-saving measure! The national outcry put it off for now, but a proper refit is as far as ever.

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Yep -all it takes is money , and lots of it !

is that last shot from Rory a floating dry dock ? it looks big ??

Yup, she’s a witch!


Cheers Mead :+1:

Any models of USS Texas? It would be great time to get images of details that otherwise wouldnt be available.

Edit - sorry for my brain fart. I see Trumpeter has a kit


It seems to be a good kit. I have it in my stash but it does have some shape issues, especially where the tops of the torpedo bulges connect to the hull.

Paul Budzik shows this off, as well as a fix (if you are brave enough - I wont be doing this)

USS New York BB-34 1942 | Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling

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Another view of her stern in dry dock.


impressive picture… thats a big old butt for sure lol