UV glues

Has anyone tried UV glue for very tiny parts?

I’ve used it to glue some PEs and tiny resin parts with limited success… B/c the UV light has to shine upon the glue, it’s hard to get that accomplished when the glue is sandwiched between two parts, which you’re trying to attach. I don’t know - maybe I’m not doing it right but I just switched back to using medium viscosity super glue.

As stated, the light has to get to the glue, so limited applicability with PE, etc. Only the squeeze-out will harden. The glue between the parts will remain in an uncured (i.e. liquid) state–ask me how I know. I have also found that at least Bondic tends to be very brittle after it cures and not retain i’s holding power, although I had had it for a while so it may have just been beyond its shelf life.