V-1 Flying Bomb Launch Site | Armorama™

Takom continues with their V-1 kits, now offering the complete launch site in 1/35 scale.

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Wow, that is a long ramp at just over 3’ in length for the whole thing.

Heck, yes! I am interested.

Yes please !

I wonder if they will follow it up with the piloted V-1 (Hannah Reisch) so I can finally do an Operation Crossbow diorama?!

but not long enough if i calculate it right. For the original length of the ramp will be 2 additional sections necessary.
But nevertheless will it turn into an impressiv modell.

Happy modelling

The compleet rail has to be 46 meter in real that means in scale 1/35 a length of 1.314 meter.
as Harald already mentioned.
A other thing is that they present the boxart with the starter on the wrong side of the V-1
I hope that it is a artists impression gone wrong.