Vaccume forming canopies

does anyone vaccume form their own canopies and if so what type of clear plastic do you use and where do you get it? i have a vac form box and have used it a few times. lately i used clear plastic from food containers and products come in and it turned white as it cooled. in the past i did not have this problem and made several car windows with it. maybe the industry is using a different chemistry now. i had some squadron clear plastic but used it up and their site does not list it in their stock. what do you use acetate, styrene or some other makeup. where do you get it?
Thanks Joe

Hello Joe!
I use stuff called Bayer Vivak. I’m not so sure where to get it though - I bought a lot of that on a swap meet (these were RC modellers, by the way) many years ago and the supply still lasts. But if you look it up on the 'net I’m sure you can find some.
Hope this helps, good luck with your builds and have a nice day

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thanks pawel, is that the material or the brand name?

OK, so the name of the material is Vivak, and it’s original maker was the famous Bayer chemical company.