Valentine Tank in Soviet Service (Tamiya 1/35)

Greetings! I would like to share my latest build: a British Valentine Tank in Soviet service.

Among the British tanks sent to the Soviet Union in WW2, the Valentine was arguably one of the better liked. Basing on Tankarchives article below: the Soviets liked the good armor, ease of use, and driving performance of the tank. They would actually implemented their own programs to try to up-gun or up-armor the vehicle, and develop a HE round for the gun which was sorely requested by troops. It would see service up to 1945 in the Red Army - a rare feat among early-war designs.

The model is a Tamiya kit, but weathering was kept to a minimum (mostly mud)

Nice article on first impressions on the tank:…/valentine-impressions.html


Nice. If you are confident enough you should paint the rim of the wheels in silver as they would rub off against the back of the track teeth. The effect is visible in the black and white picture.


Thank you. The rims actually already have a silver-colored pencil rubbed against them - the photos don’t really show them being shiny in but in person they have a sheen to them.

Nice. What color did you use and whos manufacturer?


Thank you. Surprisingly, I saw from a Nightshift video on how one of his viewers recommended tamiya XF-90 red brown II to replicate British SCC2. As I heard that SCC2 has a reddish tinge to the brown, I felt like this was an appropriate color to use as the basecoat.

Thanks, Ive heard that as well.

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nice work would look right at home next to my t34

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Thank you, Mitch :slight_smile: