Vallejo Model Color for Measure 22?

New to modeling ships. Just received a 1/700 USS Cleveland! What Vallejo Model Colors can I use for brushing Measure 22? The internet is really vague on this question. Thank you :smiley:

Hello Thomas,
The Vallejo color chart I have suggests the following colors, in their
MODEL COLOR line, which is primarily made for brush painting
but can be airbrushed with heavy thinning.

5N Navy Blue…Model Color = 816
5H Haze Grey…Model Color = 905
20B Deck Blue…Model Color = 867
As to what color goes where look here:

PS Very nice GSD in your avatar, I just love GSDs and am planning
on getting one soon.

Sorry for the late reply! I finally finished the kit after several delays. I used the 816 and the 905. A PDF sheet that I found on the internet recommended using 900 in place of 867. I with that I would have used the 867 because 900 doesn’t look right to me. I’m not sure about the 905 for haze gray. It seems really dark compared to all the pictures that I found on the internet. Anything else that you can recommend for it? I know that I didn’t do the best job on the kit but it is my first ship in probably 30 years! Did you get a Sheppy yet??? Thanks for your help!


That is a very nice looking ship!..Great job you did!
My recommendations were based on a Vallejo document. You can always tweek
a color to get it to what looks right for you. If I find any more info will post it.
No GSD yet to keep the Border Collie company. Both very energetic dogs so
they should do well together.

I actually just found an updated document from the same person.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful.
Have a few ships I’m struggling with the correct colours for.