Vallejo or AK Interactive Diorama material?

Does anyone have both AK Interactive Diorama material (Dark Earth or Muddy Ground) and Vallejo Thick Mud or Russian Thick Mud and have any observations about advantages/disadvantages of either with respect to the other?

I never tried it but Martin Kovac (Night Shift on YouTube)
loves this stuff……html

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I own every bottle option vallejo makes in the splashes/mud. But dont have or ever have tried the other brand.

I have the AK stuff, which I found to be satisfactory, but don’t have the Vallejo ones.

I’m pretty sure the same artistic products under different brands, go with what is available.


The best mud I have ever used was stuff made by Senic Factory. It look very realistic heres a diorama I make a few years ago and i think the mud stuff looks great.

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I have the AK range of diorama putty jars (not the Vallejos) and they are excellent. AK’s diorama putty sure beats mixing white artist plaster with brown paint to make your own mud and the effects are excellent that they do look the part.

The Cracked Earth is best for 1/35 scale cracks, but it can be used for any scale…just that the cracks aren’t spaced out very wide.

I’ve used AK’s Beach Sand, Desert Sand, Concrete, Dark Mud, Light Earth, Cracked Earth, and Wet Earth over wooden plinths and plastic and resin bases. I spread them thin with a putty knife and the plaster usually dries overnight. AK makes it easy to add groundwork to your bases. I highly recommend the AK diorama putty jars and they last a long time because all you need is a thin layer of putty.

Dark Mud with Beach Sand and Wet Earth stained with Vallejo washes

Wet Earth

Dark Earth with Cracked Earth

Desert Sand



So I broke down and bought some AK Dark Earth and Muddy Ground even though I already have Vallejo European and Russian Thick Mud.

The texture of the two products are quite different, the Vallejo being quite a bit “chunkier” but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vallejo has other terrain acrylics that aren’t as chunky. The two AK products and the Vallejo Russian thick mud are quite dark brown. I can see myself using all these products.

I’ll see if I can post some pictures comparing them.