Valom Vickers Viking 1A BEA

Due to bizarre happenings thumping leg on leg on computer tower one year ago still healing on going. And my wife died recently not been in the mood. But now back on fire.

This is to be part of my Jersey Airport diorama of the 1960s approx.

Matter of interest as a mad cricketer I played on the Vickers Cricket Ground in the 50.60s
5 miles away. Hitler also took a keen interest in the ground as well as we had poor navigation attacks on our neighbourhood estate those 5 miles away.

This is a new tool. There are some bad reports on the original. Hope I am lucky.

So this is it.

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This is a part of my dioramama.


PS hope this comes out OK 12 months since & memory not good


Sorry for your loss. Glad to see your back on the horse and hopefully the kit is in your favor.

Thank you very kind appreciated.

form Jersey the most southern of the British Isles

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Interesting. Will be watching to see how well it builds. Didn’t the RAF operate these back in the day?

Yes correct but the RAF version was named the Vickers Valetta.

Also vastly different especially inside. The RAF wanted it so that the inside could be stripped & fitted out for each type of operations to be mounted at that time.

Just found out that the hull on both versions was base on the Wellington Bomber.


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Ah that would make sense if they were using it for transport.
Do they have the RAF variant in the range?

Yes they do 7 here is one.

Good price as well.


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Thanks. I’ll keep a look out in the new year, bound to be someone in the UK stocking them which will keep p&p down.
Certainly something a bit more unusual.

Some progress but slow. New year should speed things up. Hope


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Very slow but gearing up.

Cockpit complete. Pictures show a Jersey coin to give na idea of scale.

Intended to convert two military pilots to civilian. But realise the complexity.
So gave Air Hostess pride of place.

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