Vargas' 3D-printed M777-A2 Howitzer in 1/35th scale | Armorama™

Building a vignette with the Vargas M777 Howitzer and 3D-printed artillery crew

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Looks like it came out really nice. I have the Vargas M777A2 as well. I like how you have done the diorama. It looks very realistic. Nice job.


Beautiful work! I really like the results.


Wow! That came excellent. Excellent finish on the gun and figs look great as well.
Does the USMC use this gun as well as the US Army?
Where can I get those Shapeways figures? Would save a ton of time and effort on converting stock figures.
Beautiful work there!

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Oh yeah I have another question. What is the purpose of the sand bags at each trail arm? Not being an artillery man, I’m not sure I’m using the correct terminology here so bear with me.

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Thank you. The figures are available on Shapeways here 1/35 US Arty Crew Cold Weather Set2 (4VNNFXR48) by HOLDEN8702

I believe the USMC use this gun as well.

That would be a superfluous attempt to stabilize the trails. They don’t need the bags. Perhaps the builder of this otherwise fine diorama spent some time as a mortar maggot, and we did secure the base plates with sand bags on mortars.

Now it just needs modular powder containers.

Very nice cammo by the way.
And the Jarheads do indeed use this gun.

From the day I fired with these guys at Fort McCoy:


Thanks for the reply Robert. Great pics and video

Very well executed diorama! Congratulations! :hugs:

Which printing quality did you order the figures? Basic or the better one?

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Better quality resin