Vargas Scale Models - Matilda-1 A11 (# R3D-35-072) | Armorama™

Here we present a review of a new 3D printed kit of the Matilda-1 A.11 from Vargas Scale Models.

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Great review! My copy arrived and looks great. Vargas has done an outstanding job on this. The details are very fine. The engine grates are really well done - no need for PE. The headlights even include the cable. I’m commissioning some decals for mine to represent one of the BEF vehicles.

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Your review is well done and most informative about the kit. The printing looks great.

However, the kit has some inaccuracies. Most visible are the roadwheel “arms”. The real vehicle did not have a flange around them and were simply a flat plate. The spring attachment also appears too be to high. The mounts to the hull for the suspension and return rollers have shapes that do not resemble the real vehicle. The turret also has some incorrect shapes.

I’m confused !! The turret has come in for considerable criticism (see Missing-Lynx article) based it seems on photos, not the actual “kit”. However, the pictures here of your built example appear far more “realistic” with the “lip” at the bottom and a more conical shape compared to the company’s own images.

Also for those that have purchased one is there a postage charge? There are no clues on the web-site until you hit the order pages, I assume. I’m in Switzerland and from the US postage rates are usually completely prohibitive. Plus there’s Swiss Customs charges for anything over CHF50 ie $50.


My issues with the turret are as such:

  1. The real turret is cast, with much softer/rounder edges. The top edges and the top of the gun mantlet are much to square and blocky.
  2. The casting mark that looks like a weld seam on the gun mantlet is much to prominent. This is barely visible in most photos.
  3. The model’s turret looks like a cylinder. However, the real turret had slightly sloping sides that were almost bulbous at the top. But the overall shape is also wrong, most noticeable at the rear. See link to a drawing.