Vendors: Looking for marketing/advertising opportunities?

Welcome to the information section for vendors on marketing and advertising opportunities with KitMaker Network. If you have any questions after reading through this brief topic please feel free to contact me with your inquiries. My email is


An Introduction to KitMaker Network

Founded in 2001 with the creation of Armorama, KitMaker has now been online for over 21 years. In that time we have published tens of thousands of articles on new products, reviews, and feature articles geared towards scale modeling. In 2006 we created several new sites to cater to specific modeling genres. Those were AeroScale, Model Shipwrights, Auto Modeler, and Model Geek. During this time we continued to grow and our membership exceeded 70,000 users when we transitioned to new software this past year. Our core strength has always been community participation with modelers being able to post their works via submission and now, thanks to our new software, they can upload all photos and create their own articles more easily.

KitMaker Social Reach

KitMaker has a number of social media accounts. Every article we publish is automatically posted to our feeds. Here are some recent statistics (June 2021) of some of our socials.

Armorama’s Facebook

  • Followers: 13k+
  • Post Reach: 30,469 people (last 28 days)
  • Post Engagement: 4,157

KitMaker’s Twitter

  • Followers: 5.7k+
  • Tweet Impressions: 192K (last 28 days)

KitMaker’s Pintrest

  • Followers: 1.3k+
  • Monthly views: 242.6k

KitMaker Analytics

As we are in a period of transition our Google Analytics data is rather in a state at the moment. I have deployed new tracking code across all our sites that should allow us to see our full stats at a glance. However it’s just a day old as of writing this so I would like to get at least a month of data before quoting anything here. Look for more on this later.

Verified Vendors Program

Here are some steps you can take to market your products via our sites.

  1. Setup an account here on the forums so you can access the “Verified Vendors” program. This gives your online presence here in the forums a green checkmark to show your account has been verified as the actual company posting. This will also grant your account access to additional help and information regarding things like advertising, ad rates, etc. You can create an account by using the “Sign Up” button at the top right.

  2. To complete the verification please email me at and let me know the company involved and the username or email on the account.

  3. Once you are logged in you can access the Verified Vendors forum for advertising rates, ad sizes/formats, and other topics directly related to vendor relations here at KitMaker.

Special Note: Due to our content platforms all running on unique server instances, we do not have a unified single login so keep that in mind while you are moving around the network. You can however use social logins like Google or Facebook to make things easier in that regard.

Submitting News

On any of our content sites, create an account for creating news articles. We have several video tutorials showing how this process works and would recommend you or one of your staff view these before trying this out. Of course you can alternately just email us news and images for product announcements. The articles won’t be linked to a company account if done this way but will how as submitted by whichever staffer creates the story. You can find a list of the news@ emails below.

News Submission Emails

Armorama -
AeroScale -
ModelShipwrights -
AutoModeler -
ModelGeek -
KitMaker -

Supplying Review Samples

For vendors that want to get their scale modeling related products reviewed or featured on the sites, you can send us review samples. We have either North American or European points of contact for this so please let us know if you have a preference for shipping and we will provide you with that contact and shipping information.

Advertising with KitMaker

We offer several different ad placements on our sites and that information is available in our Verified Vendors forum. Please check out the Verified Vendors Program for access to that.