Verlinden 120mm Infantry Officer W.I.P. "Any Questions?"

The figure is almost done. Im messing around with the base. I want to show an officer finishing his briefing hence the title.

It’s always great to get some feedback so please shout out.


Overall looks great. Didn’t officers usually have a black rank added to the vest flap?

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Cheers. Ive name tags and other badges still to add.

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A very solid figure you’ve got there Paul. The camouflage BDU’s are the highlight I have to say with a realistic rendering of Woodland pattern. The gloves and boots are good as well. I find it hard to tell with the lighting but have you added a little shadow color to the seams on the uniform (like the vest pocket seams that run around the edges) and around things like buckles, fasteners and clasps? I think this would help the detail pop a bit more around those areas. You may actually have done this and the lighting is perhaps not being co-operative!

The goggles are another area I would look at- if they are to be the clear variety you could paint the camo pattern inside the frame and then seal it down with either a gloss varnish or a product like Glue N Glaze to give the effect of the goggles. If they are a tinted variety you could fill the inside of the frame with a clear color like clear yellow and then the gloss/glue n glaze.

Nicely done so far Paul. I like the BDU camo too.
This was the old Verlinden USMC Gulf War I believe. I did him as a Marine but left on the head with the USMC cover. What did you make the easel out of ?

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Sorry I think we called it butcher block……

Looking good. I would do the goggles as gloss dark green/black using clear green over what you have and a couple coats of gloss. That was the most common type. They come/came in clear with a “shaded” lens that could be swapped out.

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Cheers. Its just scrap plastic with kebab skewers.