Verlinden 200mm Vietnam War 82nd Airborne Grunt (WIP)

Thanks for the recommendations. I will be happy to try Scale 75 on my next build. I’ll also check out the AK matte varnish. I purchased a paint-on matte varnish from a fantasy wargaming line. Unfortunately, that brand wasn’t matte at all and it turns out more like a semi-gloss. So I’m glad to have another recommendation. I have also been branching out to some of the fantasy oriented paint lines due to the rich variety of green paint tones they offer, but I haven’t tested them out extensively.

Regarding the cigarette smoke, I did use cotton wool. I actually pulled it from a Q-Tip rather than a cotton ball. I thought I would have to fuss with it quite a bit, but once I had what I felt was the appropriate amount of “smoke” for a cigarette, it virtually made itself! I considered dipping the “smoke” in scenery glue to keep it rigid, but there was no need. It kept its shape after I glued it to the end of the cigarette. I then placed a dab of scenery glue at the rim of the helmet to keep the top part of the “smoke plume” anchored lest it start to droop over time.

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I think you have done a very good painting job and detail work on the figure.
But, as mostly the photo’s on a forum are not always representative to the work and difficult to comment.
My remark on the figure, he is coming out directly from the military shop everything brand-new.
To bright, to flashy except the boots.
The painting a such is really good, right colour proportion, exact painting, nice detail work, missing even wen brand-new are contrast in the camo (highlights/shadows) specially for a figure of this scale.
How fare you go in weathering is personal and not always needed, the figure belongs to the painter.

The remarks are my personal opinion, looking forward to see some other work.

Grtx Jan

Excellent wrap up, great work!!

Actually, there just is not a lot of photo footage on the 82nd in RVN. Why? I don’t know. There’s much more on the 173rd and they were a small unit in size compared to the 82nd. I do remember seeing one photo that I’ll never forget of a squad from the 82nd on a freshly taken hill top. Those kids looked like the dead end kids! Filthy would put it mildly, and their uniforms were ripped and torn here and there. You can bet your life the press didn’t take that picture!

I kinda gave you bad data on the bug juice bottle. I checked out the one at the American Legion over the weekend, and it’s roughly three inches tall by 2.25 inches wide. Never saw a bigger bottle, but did see smaller bottles that were actually for ring worm (2 1/2" x 2"). Also great for leeches. You saw those bottles everywhere when the rainy season rolled thru. We called it the ring worm season! One other thing to keep in mind is that by the time the 82 showed up; they were issuing the larger plastic water bottles everywhere. Usually a matte clear, but have seen a few that were black and even some in O.D. If you were in the bush for a week or so, it would be almost standard practice to to carry two or even three. You will not do well in 120 degree heat with out water.

recon teams never smoked in the bush. You can smell a cigarette for a long ways off. Most chewed Red Man or Mail Pouch, but some actually did snuff. I tried Red Man and Mail Pouch, but never snuff. My go to was the cigars issued in the Sundry packs. Especially the ones with the wooden tips. Even then; I mostly chewed on them. They were terrible cigars to say the least!