Verlinden Anyone?

I’ll add it to the list!

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if you have this gulf war M203 Gunner and you can ship to the UK for a reasonable price then I’d be interested in purchasing it.

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Made a note.


Can I add 2? The Duster Interior, Drivers; No. 2740, 1:35 and Duster Crew Ammo Storage, N0. 2739, 1:35. Not that you don’t have a list already started…

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Added to the list.

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i think you should change your name from 18bravo to Mr Verlinden :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Dear 18bravo,
That is quite the haul you have there. I am looking for 2 resin diorama bases.
#1) “At The Chapel” kit #1355 and #2) "Railroad Crossing kit #1477.

Also, how do we contact you about price and postage, etc.? Do you post to Canada?

Thanks and have an awesome day!

I would be interested in this if you can find it, it is the twin turret rail car.

German Armored Railcar

Verlinden Productions | No. 2362 | 1:48

Thank you!

Look at all the books!!!

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Any chance you have the German city street section. It’s like three house fronts and a cobblestone street?
Or the Verlinden Eastern from dugout kit?

I’ll finally have time to check this weekend. Been working a new gig. Everyone’s requests have been noted.


A few of you have been notified. The rest of you, don’t give up hope. It’s hard to tell from the photos i posted exactly how much there is to sort through.


@18bravo any chance you have the directions or know if there are directions associated with kit for the king tiger Porsche damaged zimmerit kit?

I have to see if it’s even in the stash. I looked it up on Scalemates but nothing there. Often some Verlinden kits came with no directions - you just sort of had to figure out where things went. However, there is a guy on Scalemates though who is selling the set privately for EUR 15.00.


@18bravo that’s what i figured, i already grabbed one years ago just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing anything.

@18bravo do you have the street corner diorama base 1308?

I don’t recall seeing it as of yet, but I’ve seen less than 10% of everything so far. I’ll add it to the list.


@18bravo thank you!