Vespid: 1/35 Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger and 1/72 KF51 Panther | Armorama™

Vespid announces a 1/35 British Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger and a 1/72 German KF51 Panther

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Great to see the A30 being done by Vespid. If the quality of the 1/35th is as good as their 1/72nd, it should be a great kit. The SKP one is rather poor and very expensive these days as people cash in on its rarity, and Accurate Armour’s is a chore.


Vespid’s 1/72 kits are exquisitely detailed and fit and engineering are superb. I can’t wait to see them give that treatment to another 1/35 subject. And an A30 Challenger is a most welcome addition! I have the SKP kit but don’t want to build it. I’ll certainly be waiting to get this Vespid kit as soon as it comes out. It should be a stunner.

Very glad to see Vespid is doing it in 1/35 and should do it in 1/72 too. I have built the Accurate Armor kit twice and agree it was a chore. Hated the white metal parts especially the wheels. At one time I had the SKP kit, but ditched it as it probably would have been worse than the Accurate Armor kit.

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I bought the SKP kit of the Challenger a couple months ago. I suppose that summoned the modelling gods to create this. Perhaps I shall get this kit too to compare, or should I buy more old kits in order to conjure up new toolings?


A good Challenger kit is along time coming.

Yes please! :rofl: :crazy_face:

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Seems I may have missed my last chance to cash in on the SKP kit.
Bugger …

However, the Golden Rule prevents me from doing this evil deed unto another modeler



Oh, I am so glad I’ve finished mine.


…and Artyom has kindly shown why this new release is being looked forward to by so many. Underneath all that scratch built and kit bashed heaven, is a few pieces of SKP hell…