Vespid Comet 1945

This is Vespid’s Comet tank. Very similar to Flyhawk quality and detail.



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Looks awesome!
The build is so good an clean if I didn’t know I would say it was 1/35!

Looks great. Would never have guessed the scale unless I was told.

Came excellent Leo. Nice job all around!

Excellent paint job and weathering!

Thanks all! This is a great first release from this new company. Their Maus is interesting (if you like that sort of thing!), and their Flakpanzer Maus is totally fictional (hope they’re not going in the direction of Model Collect!). I hope future releases are of more interesting subjects not already covered.

Panther Ausf G. :smirk:

:thinking: :grin:
At least it should be better than Dragon or Revell! Maybe their follow-ups will be a Sherman and a Tiger l!

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I hope they’ll do more uncovered items, like from France, Italy and Japan. There are very few plasic models from these countries.
The Comet itself looks a very detailed and good model.

I know that IBG had made some Japanese tanks, some even with a crew member or two, but Italy is sorely missing, not to mention France. Some were made, mainly in resin, or some are only available as quick build.
As for the Centurion tank there is a collection of those made by Ace models, albeit in short run technology, but their kits are quite good.

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Point about Ace’s Centurion tank kits; they’re not bad - not great, but with a bit of work build up pretty nice. Their weakest point is the wheels. It’s the same sprue for all the Cent kits, and they are all slightly off center, making all, or most, of the wheels a bit oval. Apparently, Comet wheel sprues can be ordered directly from Vespid. The Comet, and subsequent Centurion, used the same, or very similar, wheels. So they can replace the poor Ace ones.

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As for French tanks being missing or neglected, there is a Char B + FT 17 by Matchbox; Hotchkiss H38 - 39, UE Chenillette, Renault R35, and Somua S 35 by S-Models. These are actually VERY well detailed gaming models, and contain some PE, and are two to a kit. There is also additional AM PE to improve the kits. There is also a Somua from Heller, but the S-Models one is better! And then is the excellent FT 17 series by Flyhawk. Looks like most of the WWll French tanks are accounted for.
Oh…and another Char B from Trumpeter!

Yes thank you for the ran down. I knew that there are French tanks, but the Matchbox set is 1/76 scale and is now marketed under the Revell name. The S-Models kits are quite good, and there are some more kits of French tank and the Panhard armoured car by RPM a short run company. The most lacking is Italy, most of available kits are made from resin, and in general soft skin vehicles are nearly absent from most countries.
It is good to know that the Ace Cent can be upgraded by using Vespid Cromwell wheels. I think that OKB Grigorov has some aftermarket wheels that are available for the Ace Centurion kits.

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