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Vespid has shared some images of their new 1/35 Eagle IV

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Nice to see Vespid break into 1:35 (unless I’ve missed something); but is it me? I hate these so-called AFVs, they just look like armoured vans! This one for example, the Iveco series, including the Panther - I mean - what happened to good old multi-faceted armour plate, and purposeful looking turrets?

I mean, we had the Ferret - always looked good; it’s planned replacement, the Vixen (and Fox of course) - all looked sort of right. Now we just seem to have a series of endless bakers’ delivery vans.


Vixen (never in ervice)

Dutch YP-104 (“Yes”, I know it didn’t see service)

End of rant; well done Vespid - another 1:35 manufacturer always welcome!


Vespid venturing into 1/35 is good news for everyone. Vespid’s 1/72 kits are unsurpassed, so this kit should prove to be superb. The subject matter may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the kit itself will be outstanding.


I fully admit to being a grump stuck in the Cold War!

But “Yes”, hopefully Vespid will start turning out all sorts - which might even suit me(!)

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