Vichy armor?

Anyone know of any photos or profiles of Vichy armor in Tunisia, Syria and Dakar?

Years ago, I saw a profile in someone’s book of a Vichy tank in Tunisia. That is about it.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if you look at Tank Encyclopedia, but sometimes they have some decent profiles

France Tank Encyclopedia


Thank you! If I am to build one of these, I will admit I haven’t a clue as to the correct colors.

But I read elsewhere that no definitive colors were specified by the prewar French, so that might leave this open to interpretation.

The Tamiya Somua seems to be highly recommended. And I like the Dakar Somua.

You’re quite welcome. The Tamiya Somua looks to be a beautiful kit. I can’t remember if it is Mig or AK, but one of them makes colors for French WWII AFV kits. It would be nice to have more definitive information available online regarding French AFV colors, both WWII and Cold War. At least for those of us in the English speaking world.

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The colours you are looking for are produced by ICM.

MIG has a set too

Vallejo had a color chart with instructions on which colors are to be used for AFV and Aircraft, and i was looking at their instructions.
The above shown decals are for Free French units, and they had variety of equipment. If you are looking for Vichy, they had some Panhard 178 armoured cars in mainland, yet stripped from 25mm guns with another MG installed. Ancient Alby, repacked by DML, offered this solution in their kit. I don’t think that Vichy repainted vehicles after 1940…
Vichy had some tanks in their possession in colonies - R35 in Syria (where they were captured by Australians),

R35 and Somua in North Africa - those depicted in decals were previously used by Vichy forces.
Hope this helps!


Thanks again!

Now about these paints: I have some from the Mig brands, etc.

No disrespect to our Spanish brethren, but in my very humble opinion, that school of thought seems to allow for a lot of dramatic interpretation and artistic license.

Nothing wrong with this of course, but I am left wondering just where some of the ideas of say, Reseda Green as an official German camo color and say, German three-tone green end war camo schemes came from. That is, other than active imaginations…

Maybe it’s me and I just don’t know enough. It’s definitely possible.

With that said, I am reading online that no official specific shades were recorded as delineated for prewar French armor. And that leaves me wondering how a company comes up with their definitive shades. Again, I may just not know enough.

So that makes me think I could use the above illustrations as a template and mix colors with what I have and maybe be in the ballpark.

I am also liking the Casablanca Somua, so I am torn — unless I build two!

It’s interesting to consider that Casablanca Somuas may have been involved in opposing Operation Torch landings.

Also, that the Tamiya kit gets great reviews and seems to quickly fall together is very attractive as well. I have a few very ambitious kits stalled because I just don’t have time. But I could have time for this.

Axis armor is certainly popular, but this is an aspect that I haven’t seen anyone do.

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I think Hataka has a WW2 French paint set too.


There are several WWII French AFV kits now available, but you don’t see them built too frequently. Which is too bad, as they have some very attractive looking paint schemes between the basic camouflage and the unit markings. And you do have something of a double whammy with the French vehicles, as they could be Allied in 1940, or Axis between late 1940 and late 1942, as well as those impressed into German or Italian service for the remainder of the war.
I built the Heller Somua tank several years ago in 1940 Battle of France markings and really hadn’t thought about making a Vichy French tank, but it does sound intriguing… particularly for the Casablanca fight.


As far as i know, there was a clash between r35 and Stuart M3A1 during Torch. Somua is an interesting subject (with different cammo), and those tanks switched sides. How very liked they were - when Free French switched to Sherman M4A2, they velded plates “SOMUA” from their previous tanks on their Shermans. I used to have an image of such tank somewhere…




Anyone have more information on this tank/scheme?


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I think what that is attempting to illustrate is the pattern of the brown beneath the sand overspray.

I would be very interested in seeing anything about those Vichy R-35s which clashed with M-3 Stuarts.

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I can’t find the video, i believe it was on History channel or similar. Yet Mike research website describes the battle between M3 and D1 tanks, so i might misinterpreted it. here is the link:

This is another story:
The US troops who landed at Mehdia are in a difficult position and have to face many French counter-attacks which reach the beaches. The 1st Bn, 60th Infantry Rgt supported by Stuart tanks is facing the III/1e RTM supported by few Renault R-35 / Hotchkiss H-35 tanks. 4 Stuarts and 2 R-35/H-35 are destroyed, but the US troops are saved by the intervention of the USN air fleet which blocks the French attack.


If you are looking for information on French camouflage and colors, this is the book to have. It’s long out of print, but worth searching for.

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I will have to look for this book.

At first, I was left wondering why French armor isn’t a more popular topic.

Then I considered the war was over quickly for French armor, excluding those appropriated by Germany, passed to Italy, etc.

Vichy armor obviously has less examples. All I remember of the profile of the Tunisia Vichy R35 or H35 was that it was overall dark green and had two numbers in white on the turret. I have no memory of the book title.

All accounts praise the Tamiya Somua kit. Maybe I will build it as a Dakar Somua, but the Casablanca Somua looks very attractive as well as I mentioned.