Video about WWII, aircraft, Revell and tech that did not exist until decades later

Mostly about an underrated aircraft but also about when Revell wanted to buy a … what??
/ Robin


They where visionaries, only 40 years to get something similar.

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Really interesting. Thanks for posting up the link!

For those who might be interested in the history of plastic scale modeling, this same guy (“Max,” I suppose) has over 100 (!) short vids on the history of various scale model companies that are very entertaining and enlightening. Most are only 5-7 minutes long, so they make for a quick little video break. You could easily create a “plastic scale modeling” family tree to diagram the history from the information he provides.

Check out his YouTube channel:

Maxsmodels:: Playlist:: Model Company History Videos


Thanks for the background info :+1:
This videoclip showed up in the “random suggestions” that YT gives me …

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My mistake, though!

The vid you posted is actually done by “Greg’s Airplanes and Automobiles.” The narrator sounds almost exactly like the guy who does the “Maxsmodels” videos! I was going just by the sounds of his voice rather than actually looking up the YouTube channel.

Still, Max’s Models DOES have over 100 videos about the history of different plastic scale modeling companies. :slight_smile: