Video game characters

These are some 54 mm printed figs from a video game called: “NieR: Automata”. I have three more characters to get and I’ll have my own YoR Ha squad. I feel a vignette coming!

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i have no idea who these characters are that you have mentioned, in my day the video game characters were Pacman and Miss Pacman and yes i know I’m showing my age lol.

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My SWMBO would not approve …
no worries though
I don’t do figures anyway …

I don’t play the game…just found the figures verrry interesting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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I spend far too much time researching anime figures as reference for an “inspired by” build (i.e. not based on something that might be copyrighted). Fortunately I won’t have to sculpt much as the ladies seem to have little clothing if any. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to post the result here, although it won’t be as bad as the Japanese collector “action figures” which feature removable clothing and insertable accessories…



A Swedish manga fan got charged with possession of child p*** because of his collection of adult manga images stored on his computer.
The fact that it was cartoons didn’t matter.
Convicted at the first court
Appealed and convicted again
Appealed to the Swedish supreme court which revoked the previous decisions.
They Supreme Court only considered one of the images to be on the wrong side of the law.
The possession of this single image was considered allowable given that the person worked
as translator of manga/anime and was generally considered to be an expert in the field.
The possession could therefore be seen as a professional purpose and thus allowed.

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Some of that manga stuff is really border-line pedophilia. Makes you wonder where some Japanese gentlemen’s minds are! :dizzy_face:
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No borderline about it, it can be way over. It’s best to be circumspect around Japanese “art” sites and while I don’t speak/read Japanese I hope I’ve managed to develop an instinct for avoiding the worst, but in the past I’ve stumbled across some really stomach-churning stuff. It’s a pity because there’s a lot of good artwork out there, and to drag things back to near relevance the Japanese military have been known to decorate equipment (such as attack helicopters) with anime characters, and manga themed cars and trucks are common.
:thinking: Maybe I could do an “Itasha” for the “Made in Japan” GB?