Vietnam Era Huey Paint Question

Calling out to the Huey experts…Who makes the best color match paint for
a Vietnam era Huey (Olive Drab)?

That’s a loaded question cause they were paint light color OD and dark OD. Some had both as parts where replaced.

Ryan…Thanks for that info.
Any recommendations on those colors?

I was afraid that was the next question and been searching for an answer.
Tamiya OD or Humbol 115


Hi Ryan,
Thanks again for the reply and the Tamiya suggestion. It is very helpful and the
link you provided shows a Huey in a photo in which the color really shows well.
Now off to build a Huey.
Thanks again.

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Glad to hear, please post pics of the build.

Gunze H304, is a good one to try. Their OD is a bit more brown than Model Master 34087.

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Another link about the color with some photos. To me it’s almost like Russian green, there is a wide spectrum from factory to years in country. Best to find a photo of what bird you want and build to that or use a close green you have on hand and have fun.

Carlos and Ryan,
Thank you both for your input…much appreciated!
Also I see that some UH 1Ds have that AN/ARC 110 antenna on the starboard side.
It seems that this was only an early Vietnam feature and was not present in late
war Hueys…is this correct?.. as many photos don"t show this feature but I have no
date as to when they were taken.

I will have to look around, equipment changed a bunch on Huey’s during the war.

Just remember when you’re using color photos as your reference point, to take them with a grain of salt. The type of film used, the lighting conditions, and the printing process will all affect how the color will look in the end. Not to mention the age of the photo and quality of the scanning equipment to digitalize the photo.

Here is a good example. This was my cat when I was a teenager back around 1980 or so. The photo was at least 30 years old when I scanned it. He was not that vivid a shade of orange tabby.

they were issued in Olive Drab, but with in six months they almost looked a greenish brown. The intense sunlight and heat took it’s toll on the paint. My Colonel was issued a brand new slick, and remember it being a semi gloss O.D., five months later it was a matte brown color. The OEM paint went away from the top down. Being as it was lighter in color at the top, verses the bottom. Replacement parts and patches would make them look like a checker board in some places. Still I’ve seen three or four month old slicks that almost looked like RAF interior green during the monsoon season. Of course that changed during the dry season

Thanks guys for all this info…it will really help me when I am ready to paint.
Don’t know yet if it will be pristine or weathered…got to build it first but your
help is certainly appreciated.
Thanks again.

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what scale are you looking for?

I will be building in 1:48 scale.

One more question:
When painting the upper cockpit windows translucent green, is it best to paint the
inside or outside surface?

Never thought about it. Some folks use food color dye with future so it’s on both sides at that point. Because of the angles, top is probably the best if only doing one side.

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the input and suggestion…I was actually considering the dip method
and if it does not work out a quick dip in Windex and start again.
Thanks again!


I use either Testors or Tamiya Clear Green spray paint and paint both sides of the glass.

Thanks Gino, for the suggestion on those paints and their application!