Vietnam M35A1 Gun Truck (AFV Club) | Armorama

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Looks god. Nice job on it. You might want to check the .50 cal barrels though. The look a little bent or out of alignment. Other than that, very nice.

Super! Great job. :+1: :+1: Black is tough to pull off but you did it justice.

I like the dio base, it adds a lot! And those figures are really excellent, nicely painted. Congrats!


Nice job…The 1:1 “Bounty Hunter” with the Quad .50 was a M54 5-ton truck BTW.


Hi Frenchy, It was never meant to be a replica of the original M54 Bounty Hunter, but a fictional M35 model bearing the same name, hence the extra armour etc. I had the decals already and didn’t fancy the kit ones :slight_smile:

Very well done…The builder either served in RVN or really did his homework, can’t find a “wrong” detail. Even the mud brings back memories! Looking at the truck markings reminded me of detail I was in charge of, our job was to redo the markings on a bunch of vehicles received from either CONUS or Germany…change from subdued (black) to white…never quite understood the thought process behind that, but…It’s the Army! :slightly_smiling_face: