Vietnamese Canoe in 1/48!

Hi !
Here a project I have done in the past , Using an F-4 PHANTOM middle fuel tank ,I kit bash it to reflet what some of the Vietnamese people use !..If you like to view more pics , I have set a GOOGLE page for it, just follow this link:

Enjoy !

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That is really neat! The canoe is very original and quite well done. The water effects are excellent. I’ve spent most of my life in, on, and around water and the composition is very realistic. It makes me want to take out my kayak. :slightly_smiling_face:

What did you use for water? Clear acrylic paste, or liquid?
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HI !
I use both , liquid and paste from WOODLAND scenerie !

Thank you , thank youuuuuuuuu, you are way to kind for my ego !

Ingenious scratchbuild/kitbash.

Thank youuuuuuuu !