Vietnamese T62

Im building a Vietnamese T-62 and im wondering on the color scheme used on thier T-62 i see that thier new T-90s are camouflaged as well as thier upgraded T-55M but I see thier T-62 are overall green or has that changed to a camo pattern and if they are grren what shade of green

Only the new imported or upgraded tank are painted with pattern.

The current T-62s are still in their all green colour, no upgrade, nothing. They are still in the same configuration as when the VPA received them.

Would you say Ak 's modern Russian green is the correct color or does the VPA use a fifferent shade of green?

I don’t use AK colour, but I think that it might match. It can also be a little darker or lighter depending on various factor, it would be a good base.

im using Tamilya’s old T-62 for this build i know its a old kit and there are better ones but this was given to me
I built this right out of the box are there anything i should add or delete from the kit?

As mentioned above, the T-62 in the current VPA are very authentic to its original soviet configuration. Minimal modification were made. Minor things like external tanks, tools boxes, some wires, etc, are optional, as with any tank of any era.

This applies to almost all of the VPA vehicles with the T-55AM3 and T-90S are exception. He majority of the VPA armour are very obsolete. There were plan to upgrade the T-62 the same way they did to the T-54/55 a few years ago, but I yet to see anything new come out of it.

i appreciate your help and thank you
its seems to me when you post a question about a subject most seen to reply with a stupid answer
and thank you for helping me out

Well, people tend to get off the track, but I wouldn’t use the word “stupid”. There are many serious and helpful people here with much more knowledge than me, they helped me before. Your question happen to hit into my small niche.

By the way, on your other post about the SU-100, the VPA also has them currently in service! And just like the T-62, no camo pattern, no upgrade, the same old configuration as it was given from the Red Army. Boring isn’t it?

unfortunatly i only have ones set on VPA national markings form the old DML ZSU-23-4 Shilka
i just hope they are still usable

Yes a bit originally i was thinking Cuba for my T62 but Cuba uses the T62M and the only conversion for that is from legend and its for the Trumpeter kit and im sure it wont work with the old Tamiya kit which i heard has issues with the turret

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Archer made some generic PVA tank markings.

Archer 1/35 NVA Generic Turret Numbers & Insignias fine transfer 35392 x | eBay

This isn’t a T62, notice the oval telescope window and spacing of the roadwheels. The T62 has a round window and the gap between the wheels is in the rear.

It isn’t. It’s a t-55. However; the camouflage pattern would help you when it comes time to paint and detail.

It seems like the Vietnamese use a darker green than the Russian green.