Vignette Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

It is a special work for me: A vignette from the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, released in 1984, second film in the series (the first was released in 1981). Special for two reasons: I remember the first film, when I was 10 years old, everyone talked about the same, so I, my brother and my cousins went to the cinema, but they wouldn’t let me in, because I didn’t have the minimum age ( yes, there was this …) that was 13 years old.
That was a frustration for me. When the second movie came, then I could watch it. I must remind the younger ones that VCRs were something for the most affluent. The second reason, I saw a report on a Brazilian TV show showing how the film’s special effects were made, especially the cave scenes, and I was amazed by that and I remember saying: I’m still going to do something like this. Dream come true, of course within my limitations.

The basic idea here was to make a part of the mine, with the Indiana, the girl and the boy inside the wagon. With two levels, the trail and the volcanic lava. Initially the vignette was going to be like an old wooden box, then I thought of a box of TNT and finally it was a box of TNT detonator, a theme close to the film. I also like to work the dios externally. I did a search for images and dimensions of the wagon of the period and made some adaptations to make it look better on the scene.

Then I used styrene and the remains of plastic parts to make the wagon.

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that is remarkable diorama you have created, it truely is impressive, the amount of work and effort you have put into this project.

I agree. Love to see projects like this.

Welcome to the site Luis! And hi Klaus!

Klaus and Jim, thank you. it’s always a pleasure share my works. After some initial post problems, let´s add new images showing the processes used to get the final vignette.

For the base I bought a mdf box and enlarged it a little using also mdf. To simulate the rocks, I used charcoal and then I used spackle to fill spaces. I also used small stones.
To make the box look like a detonator, I sculpted the handle in mdf, cut a piece of a broomstick. I cut two screws to make the piece where the detonator cables are tied. The finish was in styrene. I looked for pictures of detonators and found small plates. I selected one and printed it, giving an aged finish. The box was aged with pigment and usinig the airbrush.
indiana005 indiana007 indiana009

indiana009 indiana010 indiana014 indiana016

indiana019 indiana020 indiana022 indiana027

indiana033 indiana034 indiana036 indiana038

indiana041 indiana042 indiana045 indiana047

indiana050 indiana055 indiana056

indiana052 indiana054 indiana060

The figures: I improvised with what I had. The Indiana is a mix of parts that I had, trying to make it look more like the Ford. Kate was more complicated. I took a female figure from a master box kit and changed it. The boy was more difficult. I had no figure of a child, so I used a 1:48 scale helicopter pilot.

it’s great to see that you have a blog of your build here and you can show us all how you achieved this wonderful diorama

indiana066 indiana070 indiana072 indiana074 indiana075

indiana076 indiana079 indiana095 indiana107

indiana084 indiana087 indiana089 indiana111

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