Viking longship


Patrick, this is nice. I built one of these Aurora Viking ships as a kid - but not as well as the one you have done here! Aurora really got it right by including a crew. The figures really make it pop! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Nice build Patrick,

A very interesting ship, and an intersting people. I fancy buidling one myelf some time, but the crew does really make it like Tim said.

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Si

The figurehead is a bit Holyweird. I think this kit is now available from SMER, it’s nominally 1:60th scale.
Emhar do a 1:72nd Longship

and also separately available set of crew figures.
Revell do a 1:50th scale Longship and I thought one of the Wargames figure manufacturers did a 28mm (1:56th) scale crew but I can’t find it now…