Vintage fuel pump

Started a working on Doozy modelworks vintage fuel pump, in 1/24 scale. Resin parts have been cleaned and primed. Rather low parts count, so not a time consuming project :slightly_smiling_face:
Did have a minor problem, with the hose, which is just a piece of electrical wire; it reacts to the primer, so it is quite sticky, even after two weeks, of drying; guess the rubber is dissolving. Should be easy to find a replacement though.

Two, very nice, sheets of decals. I’m going for the Shell option. Might buy another one, to get a Texaco as wheel.

You can see how closy the hose looks.


Nice start, we don’t see enough scenery or diorama accessories here so this will be a great thread to follow.

Cheers, D

I’m not a diorama builder by any means, but that early type gasoline fuel pump really caught my eye. Even at my advanced years, that style pump was already mothballed for newer and flashier designs in my suburb neighborhood. Still, you saw them all the time on tv and in the magazines. Texaco Fire Chief was a major brand and the red fire chief helmet a iconic symbol that I still remember.

Needless to say my search will start shortly to find a source for these fuel pumps as I just have to have a few of them.


The quality, of the resin parts, are amazing. Almost no clean up and absolutely no flaws, not even a tiny airbubble.
Modelroundup carry the Doozy brand. They don’t have that particular fuel pump, at the moment though.

Jeeze, I remember seeing pumps like these all the time when I was a kid riding in the family car. Gas was like .30 cents a gallon or less.
Great subject for a build. It would be a fun ‘derelict’ project to build old,rusty, faded and weathered. Following this.

Figures that the one known source is out of stock right now.
Just to show you guys how old I really am, when I started driving at 17, regular gas was going for .29/9 everywhere on Long Island, and when the gas stations had gas wars as they always seem to be 2 or 3 on the busy corners, gas could go down to almost 20 cents/gallon. Cost me a whole 2 bucks to fill my MGB gas tank!! :sunglasses:


Yep. Used to get “a dollars worth” in the tank and it would last me all week.
Filled my tank yesterday at $3.99 per gallon for regular ( California seems to always cost more)

Egads !! $3.99/gal is insane. here on LI I paid yesterday $2,79 and thought I was getting ripped off.


Sounds like vintage prizes, to me :grin:
Todays gas prize, at Shell, in DK:
95 octane: 7.3$ a gallon.
V-Power: 8,1$ a gallon