VMS Varnish question

So I have just bought vms varnish but it’s to thick for my airbrush. It clogs a nozzle within few seconds so that’s why I also bought acrylic thinner from vms. And here is my question, can I thin vms varnish without losing its “capabilities”, I mean nothing wrong is gonna happen with varnish? won’t it stick worse to the model or won’t the finish be worse or something? Extra question: what’s the difference between vms 2.0 acylic thinner ready made and vms 2.0 acrylic thinner?

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Per link - “Big bottles of both ready-made and concentrated thinners for self formulation.

Reads to me like the ready made is ready to use out of the bottle. The concentrated thinners probably need to be mixed (distilled water or whatever VMS says use) to dial strength accordingly for what the modeler wants.

Read what the manufactors recomoned for thinning agent. Some Varnish is OIL based & uses paint thinner .

They don’t. It’s like Aquagloss. Use it unthinned.

Consider soaking your airbrush nozzle in acetone (removing any black seals first). Unless you’re using a .2 nozzle or smaller then you should have no problem. It’s possible you have some gunk inside the nozzle causing tip dry.

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