Volvo F6 Beavertail Transport

This build came about by converting and scratch building, the old Italeri Volvo F6 Fire ladder kit. I had bought this a couple of years ago at an exhibition together with other second hand kits for little or nothing. I did not know what to do with the kit, until recent. So, it is no more a fire truck but an old beaver-tail machine transport carrier. I see most enthusiast convert old trucks into other types of themes to suit their intensions. This might carry a lot of load but ,we’ll consider this a private farmer or truck company wanting to have easy access to transport small and medium size machinery to their destination without renting.

The diesel tank was taken from another truck model as the original would not accommodate the space. So I took a cylindrical tank, cut 1/3 of the tank and made it to fit the space. I got the idea for a smaller tank from a photo of the Scania model that inspired this build.

The rear angle chassi C-bracket was taken from another truck model that I used to mount on his truck, after some minor modifications.


I borrow the photo of the Italeri fire ladder Volvo kit from another thread:



That’s looks great, I love it. :+1:

Thanks a lot.

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Brilliant! Very convincing! :art::man_artist:


Appreciate it.

Beautifully done Charles, concept, construction and execution all the way through!

As always, your weathering is simply outstanding, it really tells a story of a hard-working vehicle that serves its purpose well.

Cheers, D

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Thank you D. Appreciate the support.

I agree totally! I’m always inspired by imaginatve projects.

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Thank you. The inspiration can from looking at a similar truck, that was a Scania and was 6x2

Here are some updates. The list reads as follows: 1. Added two tool box, one on each side. 2. Air tank on the left front side with support brackets. 3. Tyre recess or support bracket/s. 4. And most important, stabilizers at the rear. ( thanks to Håkan Zaar, for this tip). The stabilizers are hydraulics. Simple manuell construction. 5. Extra platform supports for vehicles that are too shallow for the front lower section of the transport.