Volvo S40, BTCC 1997, Nunu, 1/24

Hello everyone,

a new project after a long, difficult time.

A new kit from Nunu in 1/24. Nunu has been producing vehicles from the British Touring Car Championship for some time now.

A few weeks ago the kit of a Volvo S40 came onto the market, I had to have it. There’s also an Audi A4 coming out in January, which I also have to have.

1997 was the British Touring Car Championship at its peak. Mega exciting races, with many interesting cars, from many manufacturers.
Drivers with rough edges, who also liked to drive into each other’s cars. Not like today.

There is also an accessory kit from Nunu, which you have to order separately.

The first thing I did was to rework the body. All engravings were deepened with a 0.2mm engraving blade. Then the body is sanded and mold seams are removed.
However, this is only necessary at the front of the hood.

Have fun.


A good 95% of the parts have been cleaned and prepared for priming. Normally, the car kits have at least one casting sprue in black.
Here, all of the casting sprues are white, except for one in chrome and the one with the windows.

Therefore, almost all the parts had to be removed from the casting branch so that I could prime them properly.

The roll cage and some parts were glued together. This is easier beforehand.
The struts in the window cut-outs of the body remain in place until assembly.

After priming, the left side is painted in white, the middle in silver and the right side in black, semi, gloss or matt.

The seat and some areas of the dashboard
are first painted in textured paint and then given their final color.

The brake parts and the parts underneath are primed with Alclad and then get their metallic colors.

I will use ZeroPaints White Primer as a primer. Application with the airbrush, 0.4 nozzle and ~ 2.0 bar.


All parts have been painted with different colors.

Brilliant White and 2K clear coat from ZeroPaints were used for the white parts.

The silver is MB Petronas Silver, also from ZeroPaints. Clear coat was not necessary here, the silver is semi-gloss. That’s enough for the inside.

The seat and dashboard were painted with a textured paint from ZeroPaints. As I only had it in black, I later added a coat of blue from Tamiya.

A little Tamiya red for the towing eyes and the fire extinguisher and the black parts are painted with Tamiya Semigloss Black as a base. This will later be 80 % covered
covered with carbon decals. It is therefore only used as a primer.

Finally, some parts with Alclad, brake disks, gearbox and the exhaust.

About Christmas, I’ll be working on decals and etched parts. Let’s see how far I get there. The body will be sanded again to get a smooth surface.

Thanks for watching.


Great start Roland, neat work and a real “production line” focus to your methods.

Cheers and Happy New Year, D

Always loved the look of BTCC cars- and this kit looks to be a great representation of the Volvo. Some awesome looking details in there already!

Thank you very much.

At the end of the year.

The body took longer than expected.

But it’s done, all the decals are on and the clearcoat worked too. Now let it dry for 2/3 days, sand and polish.

All other parts are painted, decals are applied and etched parts are also attached.

The seat and fire extinguisher are also finished.

Let’s put it together.

And I also sanded the body. 2000/3000/7000 sandpaper .

Then I started polishing the roof, first with coarse sanding paste, then with medium paste. It’s smooth now.

Already quite good. When the bodywork is completely polished, a final, fine polish is applied.
Then a ceramic sealant.

Now, the first model for 2024 is ready.

Thanks for watching.


Really beautiful Volvo- the livery looks fantastic on it and the interior is full of neat little details like the seat belts with logos and the Sparco chair! Thank you for sharing this build.

Great job on your Volvo. Really well done.


The Volvo looks great. I remember when the Volvo first raced down-under against the Aussie touring cars of the time and it won first time out against all predictions.


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