Vought's first jet: Admiral Pirate OOB

As I go through my modelling journey, I find that I get onto “themes”; I’ll go hog-wild over various familes of planes, and scoop up all of what I can locate like a Roomba eats dirt. Sometimes it’s a specific type of plane, like a float plane, or one-seaters that were made from two-seaters. Other times, I get fixated on a service, like the WWII IJN or Royal Navy jets. One such tear saw me dive into the world of US Navy and Marines jets. My Twogar is a result of that particular episode.

However, it’s likely no surprise that even when “under the influence” of a particular fetish, I still have a nose for the weird and often best forgotten. Surely, one such aircraft must be the Vought F6U1 Pirate, the first attempt by that storied company to produce a jet. Dumpy, barely capable of flight and deemed unfit for service, it was a long way from its later siblings the Crusader and Corsair II.

Of course, when I came across the Admiral kit of this portly aeronautical dead end, I had to have it. Since it’s the 11th Anniversary of the Sprue Lagoon, I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate. Check out this half-baked and half-wooden faltering first step at the link below. Don’t tell me you don’t think it has a certain loveable charm!

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