VW BEETLE 1966' in 1/48

HI !
Here a project I have done in the past , using the TAMIYA VW 1943 version ,I modifie it to the 1966 version , If you like to view the complete WIP on this project I have set-up an GOOGLE pages since there is a lots of picture, here the link:

Enjoy !



amazing how the design had so few major changes untill the later models curved windscreen, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

You bet …

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What a great Beatle build. I actually owned a 1968 Bug but traded it in for a MG Midget which I sold privately and bought my beloved 1970 302 Mustang.

CCCCCCCool, I use to own a MUSTANG also … much less sexy , it was an 1981 GHIA hatchback

Lots of detail packed in to this little model :beetle:

YYYYYYYYou got it !

I’m currently re-building a 1972 1200cc, why the 1200, it’s for my son and I don’t want him wrapping himself and the Bug around a tree.

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I’m doing very similar for my daughter with a 1973 1200!! We’ve not long since acquired the bug and currently gathering parts.

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go on, let’s see where you are with it, I’m sure the op won’t mind. Love to see Beatles half built, you learn so much from them. Good luck with the project.

Great model project jmarc, excellent result.

It’s been stood since 1997 but engine runs good.

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Pretty cool !

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rear clip ready to go in, or is it the old one?

New one

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This is where I am with Mickey so far, I hope to make real progress next year, getting the engine ftted and assembling all the parts I removed during the rebuild.

wheel type