VW Schwimmwagen Walkaround

Now I wonder which Schwimmwagen kit is the best in 1/35 scale?


Great references, thanks for sharing.

As for the best kit, I would say Tamiya. I have read that Hero although not bad, are no better than Tamiya, and AFV Club kit is the 128 type, an early model of which only 150 were built.

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Hi Carlos, I came to the same conclusion. I already have DEF Model replacement wheels. So I ordered Tamiya kit plus Eduard PE. Tamiya kit was really cheap only 15 Euros.


Many thanks for the excellent images.
The Hero kit is good for the raised canvas roof and other bits and pieces, but the Tamiya kit was probably the best kit they’d produced up to that point and marked a significant step up in quality/detail/accuracy from there.
Italeri kit is one of the worst wastes of styrene ever manufactured.
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John W.

Kind of unfair to compare the Italeri kit to the modern Tamiya release. At the time that the Italeri kit came out, it was significantly superior to the original Tamiya releases of the same vintage.

To be sure, the modern Tamiya kit is fairly held up as the best one available right now, but Italeri kit was designed and released about 50 years ago…


In action.

A walkaround will come later. :blush:
Size comparison: VW 181, Schwimmwagen, Kübelwagen, Willy´s Jeep.

My favorite truck.

I mean the M923.:wink:


Wow - simply wow!

The original Tamiya Schwimmwagen was also released in the 70s and was, even then, much better than the Italeri kit. The Tamiya re-tool in 1998 is what I was referring to, and the Italeri version I was disparaging was also re-released again in 2001-05 with no improvements at all, just modified box-art. Given the comparative histories of these two kits I don’t think my criticism was unjustified, but it is only my opinion and all are free to buy/build any model they wish.
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John W.

More images from another show.


If you don’t mind I would like to add a few more images:
Primarily from Patton Museum sponsored events at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.
(All Photos by Mike Koenig)




Robert “Stick” Decker and Gary Redmond

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MVPA Convention: