VW T2 in army

I want convert it in an military version.
I found it as a Danish Army workshop but I’m open to other subject.
No Ambulance please

Swiss Army (radio ?) Type 2

Another one

USAF Air Police



Another Swiss Army T2 (SE-222 wireless station)


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Probably not what you’re expecting but how about a huge Rhodesian Army kitbash - a Pooky mine drtector conversion. Yes there really is a T2 in there. The front and rear axles, suspension, motor and transmission are VW Transporter.

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Pooky is very nice but I want save the body

Hi Smolensk,
The VW you have is a Type 1 not a VW type 2.
Anyway the Swiss radio variant is actually very intriguing

The transporter was re-designated the Type 2 in 1950, right after production began, to differentiate it from the Type 1 Käfer which it was derived from.

Frenchy’s color pics are all post-1962 12 volt vehicles. The B&W photos in his first collection (with the color pics) are all early barndoor buses using 6 volt systems and semaphores instead of turn signal lights. The last two Swiss Army buses are also post-1962.

Smolensk’s vehicle is also a post-1962. They are also all Kombi models.

Ah, well yes but,… (in Europe?) the bus version are called Type 1(Actually T1), T2, T3 I myself have a Type T2a 1968 model. Anyway all versions are cool concerning the classic VW bus :smile:

The Brazilian Army used it too!

I drove a 1969 Type 22 7-seater. Previous owner put in a '71 dual port engine. My brother ended up wrecking it when he took it for a drive while I was out of state.