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W-Model has just announced three new kits, this time at 1/35 scale: an FH77BW L52 Archer Artillery System, a ZSU-37-2 Enisey and SU-152 Taran Ob.120

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Love the Archer.

Always a good day when one of your wish list kits comes out. :slight_smile:
What are W-Model like?

ARCHER in 1/35 + 50 something year old male = FULL BLOWN PANTS WETTING ! :flushed: :flushed:


I’m 42 and have already had to change my pants twice. Unreal release. This will fly off the shelves.

There was a thread on the old Armorama showing the parts for their Kamaz 4310 kit
and those parts looked very good

Well Robin, you guys sure know how to make mobile shooty things! :sweden: :sweden: :sweden:

L52 Archer
“Resin Kit + PE” “For adult modelers age 18 and over”
Because you’re going to have to take out a second mortgage to buy the kit!


Guess I’ll only ever be looking at it in threads here lol

The alternative is to save up by not buying 5 or so of the more detailed tank kits.
One Archer at 199 Euro or
RPG Leo 2A6 57 Euro
Takom M114 CRV 32:50 Euro
Miniart Pz.Kpfw Ausf.H Nibelungenwerk. Mid Prod 1943 43:50 Euro
Rye Field Stug III Ausf. G early with interior 69 Euro
oopsie, already at 202 Euro

It’s all a matter of priorities,
feed the family a week and fill gas in the car once (70 liters at 1.75 Euros per liter)
:joy: :+1:

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Lol…if I bought it at 199euros SWMBO would make me eat it lol

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You just have to hide it in many smaller boxes.
Or tell her that you are only buying one single kit the next 6 months …

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Kids could probably stand to lose some weight and gas makes the walking option mandatory. :joy:

Now, if the kits survive are arriving is whole different story especially if the kids know the reason for above.


Come to an arrangement with your postie- get him to attach raffle tickets stubbs to anything addressed to you that remotely looks like it might be a kit… preferably something related to a charity… :shushing_face:

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I think I have a redundant kidney to sell. :grin:
Joke aside, a commercial video from BAe Systems on the gun.

Definitely be ordering an Archer this week or next. Always thought this was a fantastic piece of kit, combining a big gun with a rock truck.

Great to see the Archer in 1/35… Now, what are the odds of this being released in styrene before I get round to it in the stash…

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Just wait until someone with a brave spirit and wealthy wallet builds one.
Just before he starts the painting process one or more of the main manufacturers from far East will surely release it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The Archer will surely be in Trumpeter’s 2023 catalog…

I wonder which shop in Germany will carry W-Model resin kits?