Waffen SS on the Eastern Front - 1/35

I was wondering what to do with all the Waffen SS Figures I have painted. They’re from Evolution and Alpine. I’ve tried to put them all together and take some pictures with an old dio as a base. This is my first post here so I beg your patience.

Thanks a lot.


Great looking Dio @gemerim, looks like a quick impromptu orders group in the field.
Figures look magnificent. Great painting and they have been arranged very realistically. Very impressive :+1:

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Your figure painting is fantastic and the scene looks so realistic.

Nice diorama with loads of detail for the viewer to take in. I agree with @disorderly about your figures, they look great. Good overall scene.


Johnnych01, disordely and creading!
Thanks a lot for the kind words people.

That looks very fantastic! Amazing job! I hope you will post more of your models soon. :grin:

Thanks Panzer_modeler! I will try to post some more works soon.

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download (1)

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Thank you, maartenboersma!

Welcome @gemerim! Figures looking good. They are so many that you could make at least 2-3 different diorama/vignettes if you want.
The only thing I would have change in the layout you show, is the figure sitting in the vehicle. It would be much more interesting if he also looked to the left or looked at the other soldiers.
I especially like the painting of the officers caps.
(Sorry for my English)
Keep up the good work! /Erik

Very nice. Well painted & conceived. Maybe a suggestion? More rubble across the road. Thinking of how far hard objects bounce when dropped from a height, also thrown from an explosion.Be perfect then!

Nice grouping and brilliant painting sir! Well done!
And welcome to the forum,

Thank you Lazarus, I will carry your advice on in the next project.

Hi, Jerry! Thanks for the nice words and despite never have post any comment I’m following your work constantly. I’m still trying to break the language barrier.

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I Erik, I’m also still trying to break the language barrier so I beg your’re pardon. In fact I’m reducing the number of the dios I have because there’s no more room for them. So, I decided to group all these guys in a simple scene. Yeah your’re right, the schwimmwagen should have a better angle.
Thanks a lot.