WALKAROUND: RAF HAR.3 Sea King SAR Helicopter

An armour guy here hoping to help out …Not sure if it will be helpful or useful to anyone, but we have a Sea King SAR gate Guardian here on Station, and if anyone is interested for any future projects or builds, I will be happy doing any close up shots or I can even do a walk around of it over the next few weeks ?

Here’s what it looks like now.

Anyway, if anyone wants close ups or a walk around, I am happy to do it… offers out there.
Cheers John


The more reference pics the better. Snap away. It is a pretty nice looking bird.

Will do. It will be next week now as I have to finish off some Trg paperwork and then get sorted for a handover, so will snap away with gusto next week.

No issue on timing. Is there a plaque or something identifying the exact model/version it is? I know the Brits had 3 or 4 versions of Sea King SAR helos. If so, a pic of the plaque would also be helpful.

I’ve had the Hasegawa 1/48 kit for a very long time and I always intended to complete it as a SAR version. So any photos would be gratefully received. :slight_smile:

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Ok guys leave it with me and I will do them next week.
As far as I found out yesterday asking around and a few phone calls. It’s a HAR3, was built late 70s, was part of 202 and 22 Sqn at least. Was flown out of RAF Valley, Boulmer, Lossimouth, and Falklands… Will dig around a bit more to see what I can find.


Ok, so as promised on my last day on shift before some leave I managed to get out and do some walk around pictures of the Sea King. Apologies for some of the lighting but these are from my phone and it’s a bit overcast. I will start from the front and work round the left (port) side and then stop at the tail rotor and then add another post for the right (Starboard) side.
In no particular order and I have no clue to the correct terms so will just post the pics.


Few more from Lh side.


RH side.
Will work from rear to front.


Great pictures.


Is that a hole and what’s inside?


Ryan, just for you… I will put down the Range admin order I am trying to finish and walk up and have a look !!!

Please see the new last picture in the set I put up…
It’s a down facing white light. It’s only on the LH wheel pylon. :grin:

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Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman, I don’t care what these other reprobates on here say about you.

Thanks. :+1:

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LOL … I knew could rely on you … not bad for a bootie lol

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Brilliant, lots of useful photos John. Thanks very much :smiley:

If there are any more closer shots or areas I missed then please feel free to PM me and I will do any when I am in work. Its not a drama.

Also, as a disclaimer, these images are free to use by any party as a reference or to pass on.


Many thanks for this. :smiley:

No probs and as I said if anyone needs close ups or a specific area I missed let me know and I can do add on’s ok.

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