Waltzing Matildas

Reading my new Osprey book about the Matilda tank, I learned that this tank was rather useless during WW2 until they were found very useful by the Australian military when fighting in Asia against the Japanese due to its heavy armor. It would be neat to build an Aussie tank, but the book itself only has verbal descriptions when I was hoping for some more visual references.

Also I never have been able to find any references to what Japanese bunkers look like.

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Hi Tom,

Describing Matildas as useless is somewhat underestimating their value. In the early part of WWII they were at the top end of AFV design, with excellent armour and a best-in-class main armament. The 2 pounder was superior in performance to the 37mm guns of the German, US and Soviet armies. However, Tha Matilda was rapidly outclassed as it didn’t have the ability to be upgraded and remained in service far too long.

There is an excellent book from the old Darlington Publications range ‘The Matilda Infantry Tank in Australian Service’ by Paul Handel. It’s a 24 page booklet but very good for visual references and details.

Also try a google image search using the phrase: Australian Matilda Tank
Matilda Tank Google search.

A similar search for ‘Japanese Bunkers’ will provide lots of options (although most bunkers tended to be wooden/bamboo constructions).

I’ve dropped you a PM as well.

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Hi, If you obtain the July 2017 back issue of Model Military Illustrated from Doolittle Publishing you will find two articles on Australian Matildas, one of which is a build article.

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